Stuff Happening!

Join the contest and win fabulous prizes!! 

There is currently a contest underway from January through the end of March. Enter your comments about your experiences in the Time Bank on our Facebook page or email to For every comment shared you receive one chance to win a prize donated by a fellow Time Banker. If you are interested in donating a prize, please email Polly at and put Time Bank in the subject line.

Share the Love

Keeping with our tradition of community service, we are planning a trip to Autumn House West for Valentine’s Day. We don’t have the date and time firmed up just yet, but keep an eye on our Facebook page or in your inbox for the details as they evolve!

Welcome Knitters and Crocheters!!

If you like to knit or crochet please consider joining the Time Bank Knitters group. We will be gathering shawls and lap blankets (maybe even some knit caps) for local churches. The yarn will be provided and all of your time knitting can be banked! If you are interested, please email Erin at

St. Patty’s Day in York

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in York will be on March 14th this year. If you are interested in helping to develop the float or walking in the parade, please email

Going Green!

Go Green in the City is happening April 18th this year. If you are interested in helping to “man” the table to share information about the Time Bank with others, please email us at As always, your hours are bankable!


Save the date! We are planning a networking picnic/potluck for all Time Bankers on May 16th at Rocky Ridge County Park. Come and meet your fellow Time Bankers. Bring your kids and your inner child for a fun day! We hope to see you there!

We have T-Shirts

If you are interested in a Time Bank T-Shirt (they are a suggested donation of $10) please email They are black and come in Medium or Large. If you would like a different color or size, we will need to special order one for you 🙂

Next Meeting

Our next public meeting will be Monday, February 9th at 605 S. George Street in the Community Health Improvement Office. Come at 6:00pm for a potluck or at 7:00 for the meeting-or both! 🙂 If you come for the potluck, please remember a plate, fork, etc. and a beverage for yourself. Hope to see you there!

Member Testimony

“First of all, I just wanted to thank you for starting up the York Time Bank. I think it’s important you know just how much of a blessing this mission has been to me so far. I’ve only had a couple of “transactions” so far, but they have both been so so much above and beyond what I expected… Such good feelings and positive energy–things that everyone needs in their lives but for my specific situation at the moment, I just can’t tell you what a help it’s been to my spirit, my physical energy, and my well-being.

So, thank you. Whole-heartedly!”

~York County Time Bank Member

St. Patty’s Day Parade!

Hi Time Bankers!

On March 15 York City will celebrate the Luck of the Irish with it’s annual St. Patty’s Day Parade. If you are interested in participating by helping to design a York County Time Bank float, or walk along in the parade dressed in “character” please email Francie Delaney at by February 8th to express your interest. Remember that any time you spend helping design the float or walking in the parade is time for your bank!

Remember: Spend your time, Save your money!

Christmas Caroling at Autumn House West

Approximately 20 members of the York County Time Bank spent their evening on Thursday December 19, 2014 singing Christmas Carols with the residents of Autumn House West Assisted Living Facility. One of our members, Mike, brought his guitar to accompany the vocalists. Polly Weiss organized the event and worked the room to ensure that all participants had a great time. Joli Harrington brought percussion instruments that transformed the audience into participants! It was a wonderful evening for the carolers and residents alike!

Besides community building and speading holiday cheer, the time bank members who participated also earned time for their account by offering the service of Marketing and Publicity to the Time Bank! We would love to have more events like this in our community. If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to email or post to the Facebook page!




Mobile App Available!!

Hi all,

The mobile apps are HERE! The survey link below will lead you to the download
links for the apps. Thank You in advance for your participation and
dedication to time banking. We are VERY excited to provide this brand new

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has funded a team of researchers at
the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), and the Pennsylvania State
University (PSU) to conduct scientific research into timebanking. Their goal
is to understand timebanking practices and the role that technology plays
in enabling them and to develop new innovative technologies to make it
much easier to do and more popular. The hOurworld founders and software
architects have agreed to support this research, so we are requesting
members’ input to help us understand your practices and needs better.

Your honest and unvarnished feedback will greatly benefit your community
and the timebanking movement in general, so please tell us what you really
think, including being critical.

Below is the survey link, and in it you’ll be pointed to links where you
can download a new mobile timebanking app at the end of the survey. You
can add half an hour to your local hOurworld exchange account for completing
this survey.

Thank you very much for your generous help!

Sundays with Sonnewald!

We just finished an interview with Willa Lefever!  She is co-owner of Sonnewald Natural Foods.  She also hosts a radio show on WHVR 1280 AM called Sundays with Sonnewald where she talks about natural health and a variety of related topics. Willa is a member of the York County Time Bank and has been a huge help in getting the word out. The interview should be broadcast this Sunday July 28, 2013 at 12:30pm!

Thank you Willa!!