Join Us!

How to Join

Joining the York County Time Bank is simple! Just follow the steps below.

STEP 1 Apply Online.
Businesses and Organizations may also Apply Online.

STEP 2 Orientation: Watch this Orientation Video.

STEP 3 Login to your York County Time Bank account. After orientation and account activation, click the Login button above to access your account. There you can list your offers and requests and connect with other members. You may refer to this Software Guide or click [Help] wherever you are in the system for context sensitive help. At the bottom of each page you may [Contact Your Coordinator] or [Contact Tech Support]. You may also contact our current member mentors for help:

Leada Dietz

Erin Shrader

Roger Saville

Michael Shrader

One thought on “Join Us!

  1. I would like to consider joining. I would be wiling to help people learn to work on their cars, homes, etc. A requirement is that they would absolutely be willing to let me record the process, with them in the video for later upload to my youtube channel, and that they would be willing to learn the process by doing it themselves…. Meaning getting dirty, doing work, and learning. This would not be just a cheap way of getting work done on their cars. It would be MUCH cheaper than having a garage do it, but it would require work on their part…

    However, when I try to sign up, it doesn’t seem to work. When I click join at the bottom of the page, it just takes me to a link to sign up for wordpress, which I don’t want to do.

    The Suburban Hippie Experimentalist

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